Saturday, June 19, 2010

Transition Process

I began my journey to natural hair in 2008. I was in school in VA at the time and had just been awarded an internship in Orlando, FL and was immediately scared. My relaxed hair was already breaking off and I wasn't sure how to manage it in a state full of humidity and heat like Florida. I had just gotten it cut.

Don't let the pic fool you though, the back had broken off so bad that I had no choice but to constantly keep it short. So I arrive in FL in May '08 and immediately my hair began to throw a fit. I had been reading about transitioning for awhile so I decided to start it then. I used only two products during my transition process.

Silk Elements Olive Conditioner was my co-wash and my leave-in. At that time I had no idea what the texture of my natural hair would turn out to be but to help cope with the obvious straight ends, I'd use the Silk Element Curl Defining Mousse.

That was my everyday routine from May 2008-September 2008 until I began doing protective styles to help with the process.

I did one sew-in and did not like it but I had already paid for it so I kept it in for about a month. After that, I did two sets of kinky twists and before I knew it, it was a year later and so I did the big chop. I think I had an easier process just because for me, there was no other option. I never had a tempting moment to perm my hair again and to this day I can still honestly say that. I have no intentions to ever put that trash in my hair again.

Well here it is, two years since I started my transition and one year since my BC and my hair has grown crazy lol. I have more hair as a naptural than I ever did with relaxers.

Advice?For those who are scared to do the BC, that's fine. Transition for as long as you want but realize at some point you will have to trim those last few relaxed ends off or otherwise you are going to create split ends. Also you don't have to run out and buy all these organic, natural, (sometimes) expensive products. Use what you already have because those same products most likely will continue to work for you. Lastly, enjoy this time. I'm so glad I did. I hear other ladies who had such horror stories about their transition and didn't get to really see their hair tranform so beaitufully.

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