Sunday, March 25, 2012

Big Chop #2

So I did it!! I did my second big chop on Monday (March 19th). I absolutely love it. I decided upon faded sides and back with a little more volume up top. My next plan is to get it colored. I plan to head to RevolutionEgo and have the talented Jessica add a warm red all over.

Here are a couple pics, I will taking more soon and will post :-)

I've always had a 3c/4a curl pattern but I swear with this second chop it's all 3c. My faded parts even want to curl up lol so it's gonna take a while to train it to lay down.

My morning routine is so much quicker now. I simply cowash, apply leave-in, apply Eco Styler gel (Argon oil), and apply some EVOO to seal and keep the hair soft.

I LOVE it!!

Thank you all for your input on which cut to get :-)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BGBH Presents: BC Poll

Ladies, ladies, ladies (and any male followers ;-] )!!! How have ya'll been? I keep trying to be more consistent with my blogging but that isn't going so well lol

Let's get right to it..

May will be 3 years I've been natural! Where has the time gone? In the 3 years since my crossing over to the natural hair life, I've tried almost every style imaginable; twa, twists, twistouts, kinky twists, cornrows, sew-in, color, blowouts, afros,..everything!!! So what am I gonna do to kick off year 3?


Yep, another BC :-) I'm so excited about it but I need your help! There are three similar yet different styles I'm interested in and I want your help. Tell me which style you like best and I just may choose it VERY soon :-)

The choices are:

1. Short and even all the way around

2. Faded on the sides with short curls up top

3. The Kelis (as I call it lol) with it even almost all the way around but with more curl volume up top

Tell me, which do you prefer?