Sunday, June 13, 2010

Co-Wash? No-Poo?

At the naptural meetup I went to this past weekend we got on the topic of co-washing/no-pooing. For those who may not know that just means Using conditioner as your soul washing agent. I don't use shampoos but only 3x a year. Shampoo strips my hair, dries it out, and leaves it very hard and rough. So I use only conditioner and wanted to share my routine:

  • Wet my hair as usual (usually during a shower)
  • Apply a good heaping amount of conditioner (I've noticed that more natural conditioners are creamier and a little goes a long way)
  • Detangle using a wide-tooth comb
  • Rinse out about 80% of the conditioner

    You'll see I only washed out some of the conditioner. I like to leave a little in and then add a leave-in or moisturizer to it. If I do this routine during the day then I just wash-and-go by pulling off a puff or throwing on a headband. If I do this routine at night then after adding the leave-in or moisturizer I part my hair into fours and band each section, wrap my hair up, and call it a night.

    As I was telling the ladies at the meet, I haven't really incorporated many EO's (essential oils) into my routine but I definitely plan to. I use EVOO from time to time but coconut, amla, and grapeseed oils are great for sealing in moisture but also adding softness and a lovely scent.
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