Thursday, March 31, 2011

WINNER: Cuties, Curls, & Coils.

First off, thank you to all three beautiful contestants. You were all deserving of praises and prizes for proudly showcasing your natural hair!

The winner of the Taliah Waajid Herbal Comb Out and Style & Shine is.................................................................................

Princess Aaliyah!!!

I will be contacting the mom of Princess Aaliyah shortly for your mailing information. Once again thank you all who participated! And thank you to the creators of WeRockRoots for organizing the 31 day of Natural Hair CommUNITY Days!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

**CLOSED** Poll: Cuties, Curls, & Coils

We have three contestants for the Cuties, Curls, & Coils Contest! Voting ends at 5:00am March 31st. To vote, simply select your choice on the poll to the right side of this blog post and then press "Vote"

I introduce to you:

Princess Aaliyah

Prince Chance

Princess MaTaia

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Contest: Cuties, Curls, & Coils!!

I'm happy to be hosting a contest for the Natural Hair CommUNITY Days! Do you have a son or daughter with the natural hair and want to showcase them? Then this is the contest for you. Here are the details:

Who: All the natural hair children (6mths-12yrs)
What: Photo Contest
How: Submit your photos via EMAIL by Saturday (26th). I will will then post the pics on this blog on Sunday (27th) and give the public the chance to vote for the cutest cutie with curls, coils, naps, and fros!
When: Winner will be announced Thursday, March 31st.
Prize: The winning child will win one (1) Taliah Waajid Easy Herbal Comb Out AND one (1) Taliah Waajid Herbal Style & Shine.

**For the safety of your child, I will gladly blur out their faces if you prefer it that way**

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Natural Hair CommUNITY Days Feature: Jenell

Of all the posts I've made on my blog thus far, this is without a doubt my favorite post. One of my fave persons, who I have come to call a friend, Robyn (@NaturallyRooted) came up with an idea for a month long celebration and highlight on the natural hair community; thus Natural Hair CommUNITY Days was created. It goes the entire month of March with blog posts, giveaways, contests, and deals almost everyday. So my contribution to the NH CommUNITY Days is a feature of my favorite or inspiration and Jenell is that person.

I met JenellyBean (lol) via twitter and began tweeting back and forth with her and over time we realized that we are hair twins. My hair is 3c and hers is 4b but our hair "acts" the same exact way and most things that work for one of us, works for the other. She has a great hair care forum and YT channel that I'll share with you later. Side Note: this is more of an inside thing between she and I but I HAD to post her puff pic as the main picture of this feature. She swore up and down that her hair wasn't long enough for a puff and then I told her about trying a pantyhose leg..VOILA! a puff =)

How long have you been natural: I've been natural for almost 1 year. 3/26/11 will be 1 year.

What prompted you to go natural: My cousin was interested in going natural and she shared this info with me. I thought she was crazy. But she shared some YouTube videos with me of beautiful women who big chopped and I was inspired by their natural hair, curl definition, and growth. After one week of watching over 100 YouTube videos, my mind was set--I was ready to Big Chop.

Fave product(s)/Least fave product(s): Anything made by Shea Moisture makes my hair happy. I also appreciate products made by Giovanni, Herbal Essence, Kera Care, Design Essentials, and Organix. Coconut oil is my favorite oil. Tropical Traditions makes an awesome batch.

Who are your natural hair inspirations: My hair inspiration from the YouTube community is Vanisha aka AfricanExport- her 4B Kinky Hair has grown long and healthy and she "Keeps it Real"!
Some honorable mentions would have to be Tracee Ellis Ross, Janelle MonaƩ, and Jill Scott.

What's the oddest request for a tutorial you've received (if any): I create tutorials on a whim so usually no one has to even ask for something. But I have subbies (subscribers) that wish to learn more about my personal life.

If you could choose any 7 twittermates/YT vixens to meet up with, who would it be? Why? (Think of it like a Who's Who of natural hair lol):Fortunately for me I've had an opportunity to meet some great TwitterMates and YT Vixens and have made great friends with them. But there are some I'd love to meet. YT- AfricanExport, MsVaughn and her sister MeechyMonroe, KimmayTube, and Naptural85 TWITTER - (Im sorry I don't remember twitter names I always remember first names) Nicole (you!) and Shannon (I think her twitter name is BluNatural)

Any parting words?Love your hair. Remember its a natural hair journey, not a race!

Check out my website KinkyCurlyCoilyMe From there you can find links to my YT channel where I have lots of information and styling options, you can join my FB fan page, join my Natural Hair Forum, and follow me on Twitter. MUAH!