Monday, September 27, 2010

BGBH Feature: Fatima

I was recently contacted about doing a feature and when I saw that it was Fatima I was extremely honored and excited. Fatima has an amazing line of hair accessories that I've seen and heard a lot about. So please believe me when I say I was humbled to be able to feature her. Fatima.....

How long have you been natural?
I've been natural for nearly a year and a half.

What prompted you to go natural?
I really wanted to embrace my natural beauty. Spiritual growth really inspired me to go natural and greater understanding of health and wellness was another major motivation.

What are your staple products?
As the seasons change, I also find myself changing my regime and the type of products that I use. However, my number one staple product is African Butter as a moisturizer. It works beautifully.

Piece of advise for those transitioning to natural hair
I'd advise those of you transitioning to natural hair to take intensive care of your hair (washing, deep conditioning, trimming, etc) because your hair can be vulnerable at this stage. It's important to HELP your body along as it recovers and regains strength and health from the damaging effects of harsh chemicals.

Your accessories, you make these yourself?
Yes, I design all of my floral accessories

What inspires your pieces?
I am inspired by the beauty of nature, itself and the emotions of my soul.

Do you design custom pieces?
Yes! I DO design custom pieces. It is one of the most unique services offered Flowers From Fatima. I LOVE designing special pieces for my customers. I appreciate originality and enjoy being able to help others achieve a beautiful, positive, and distinct image of self with my fashion accessories.

Where can your pieces be purchased?
Visit the online boutique at Flower From Fatima

Lastly, what's some advise you'd give to those interested in the art of designing accessories?
For those interested in designing accessories, I advise you to follow your dreams...Go ahead and CREATE something unique. Let your art reflect the essence of YOU. Allow your imagination to manifest through your design. The world of fashion has room for everyone and you may just inspire someone else with your idea.