Monday, June 21, 2010

Product Review- WonderCurl Get Slick Hair Smoothie

I love the #naturalhair ladies of twitter. It was thru twitter that I learned about WonderCurls Get Slick Hair Smoothie. The ladies behind WC were having a giveaway of a sample packet so I filed out my info a about a week later I got my sample packet.

How I used it I had two strand twisted my hair on Sunday and did a twist out that Monday. I just retwisted it each night and rock the twist out the following day. Saturday I decided to try the smoothie. It claims to calm the frizz and also give sheen and softness. After I undid the twists and picked it out to a big size, I applied the smoothie around the edges of my hair, all the way around as I would my gel usually. I brushed my hair back along the same area and put on my double headband...Voila!

It left no residue, it wasn't sticky, it didn't have a bad smell. The biggest thing was that it wasn't heavy. Most creams tend to weigh the hair down but the GSHS was super light and really did give it a good sheen. I did tie a scarf around my hair for about 20minutes because I have some VERY small pieces of hair near my ear that never catch for the life of me.

I really like it and would definitely suggest it and plan to invest in it. I also want to try the Jelly, as I've heard it works great too.

Overall Grade? B. It contains Phenoxyethanol, which is a preservative used in cosmetics. I know a few years ago a product that contained this was warned to possibly cause some serious side affects. It has since been cleaned up a bit and it was only in that specific product was there any issues but I wanted to inform you all.

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beautifulms said...

This is why I hate living in London. You never see all these great product talked about on the natural hair network in shops and shipping cost more then the product itself.

How much did it set you back?