Thursday, June 24, 2010

Product Swap? -ALL GONE!

As you can see I have some excess products. I'd love to do a product swap. In all honesty, I'd love to swap for some Giovanni, KCC, or Carols Daughter but totally open to any and all offers. I realize these are sample size so please understand that. I'm willing to package it accordingly so it's fair on both parts. No, you aren't going to get all my products. I'm looking to divide into two or possibly three swaps. I HIGHLY reccommend all these products. The reason I'm not keeping them is because I'm on a challenge right now. Once I am done with my current products, I will be purchasing these. Thus, I want to share.

My Collection Includes
(4) Mixed Chicks Trio Packs (Shampoo/DC/Leave-in)
(8) Taliah Waajid's Black Earth- Lock It Up Gel
(6) Taliah Waajid's Black Earth- Detangler

I also have a huge tub of EcoStyler Olive Oil Gel, if you've been wanting to try it, I have smaller empty containers I'd be more than willing to put some in for you to try as well.

Please contact me via the contact page if you're interested.I will pay for shipping on my end, you pay for shipping on your end.


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