Monday, July 22, 2013

Natural Hair Luncheon

So three of my friends and I decided to put together a lunch meet and greet to talk styles, swap products, and just enjoy fellowship.

We decided to reach out to some companies and we were happy to have the support of CurlsUnleashed, Mixed Chicks, and Wonder Curl.

CurlsUnleashed sent us samples size of their shampoo, conditioner, curl boosting jelly, and a compact mirror with their logo to stuff in our goody bags.

CurlsUnleashed also donated four full size bottles: Shampoo, Leave-In conditioner, Curl Refresher, and Shine & Define Mousse. We used that as a giveaway and the lovely Angela won :-)

Next up, Mixed Chicks sent pens, brochures, and lip balm as free extras to the sample packs we bought.

Scarlett of Wonder Curl is always awesome and supportive of meetups I've been involved with. I've tested her products and I highly recommend them to any and everyone. They are great and kills frizz. She recently came out with a Hair Restoring Treatment so I was excited when she donated that and a cute tote to use as our other giveaway. Tanya was excited to get and use both!

We are so thankful for the support of these companies and giving us a chance to introduce others to their brand. They are amazing!

Lastly we had a product swap and the product junkie in me got excited. New (to me) products that were free? I'm always game ;-)

Thank you!

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