Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BGBH Feature: Daphne

I met Daphne on twitter early 2011. She is super sweet and supportive. It turns out that a position I applied for was at the same company so now we're coworkers. When I launched my online accessory store, she was one of my first customers and spreads the word for me about my store and continues to do so at our job. When she FINALLY (lol) launched her store, I wanted to do something to show that same support so I've decided to do a feature of her and her store on my blog :-D

How long have you been natural? Since Late 2009

What prompted you to go natural? I had decided to to go natural 3x over the last 3 yrs prior but really wasn't interested until I couldn't relax all of my hair due to scalp issues & I participated in a 2009 breast cancer walk & saw that most of these survivors had no choice but they are walking with pride with their afros!

What's your favorite/go-to style? Comb twist; love them, quick length check also I like to look at 1st pic of them & compare them to the current ones

What are your staple products? Unrefined SHEA BUTTER and Tea Tree & Herbal Essence Totally Twisted

Piece of advice for those transitioning to natural hair? My transition was quick I had a spikey hair cut so didn't take me long. Whether it's weaves or wigs, maintain your hair as if it was out, edges and all! Stick with a regimen! If you compromise your hair because it's hidden you will have a long road trying to recover!

Your accessories, you make these yourself? Yes! I, well correction, I scroll the aisles of different stores and if the items speak to me with inspiration & I can see someone wearing it I buy it and glue it to different hair attachments!

What inspires your pieces? Elegance, exotic images, a persons character!

Do you design custom pieces? Yes, I just finished some clips for an 8yr old princess and now I'm working on a wedding head piece due in August.

Where can people purchase items from you? www.etsy.com/shop/imadeyoulooksc

Piece of advice for those who are interested in the art of designing accessories? Have a plan, research sites to sell/buy from, make sure you are making a profit, wear your pieces, test them a full day know what do's & don't's that apply to wearing them. Critique yourself and let others do the same. Try to find pieces that no one else can wear but your buyer. Lastly, have fun! No such thing as bad art, all art is creative!

Where can your pieces be bought? www.etsy.com/shop/imadeyoulooksc