Monday, July 22, 2013

Natural Hair Luncheon

So three of my friends and I decided to put together a lunch meet and greet to talk styles, swap products, and just enjoy fellowship.

We decided to reach out to some companies and we were happy to have the support of CurlsUnleashed, Mixed Chicks, and Wonder Curl.

CurlsUnleashed sent us samples size of their shampoo, conditioner, curl boosting jelly, and a compact mirror with their logo to stuff in our goody bags.

CurlsUnleashed also donated four full size bottles: Shampoo, Leave-In conditioner, Curl Refresher, and Shine & Define Mousse. We used that as a giveaway and the lovely Angela won :-)

Next up, Mixed Chicks sent pens, brochures, and lip balm as free extras to the sample packs we bought.

Scarlett of Wonder Curl is always awesome and supportive of meetups I've been involved with. I've tested her products and I highly recommend them to any and everyone. They are great and kills frizz. She recently came out with a Hair Restoring Treatment so I was excited when she donated that and a cute tote to use as our other giveaway. Tanya was excited to get and use both!

We are so thankful for the support of these companies and giving us a chance to introduce others to their brand. They are amazing!

Lastly we had a product swap and the product junkie in me got excited. New (to me) products that were free? I'm always game ;-)

Thank you!

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Curly Cruise 2013- We had a ball!

So I know it's been a while since I've posted but I really felt like I lost my motivation for blogging. However, I went on a cruise in April with a group of natural hair ladies and it just really has me back in my groove. Over the next few weeks I will be reviewing the products I received either via purchase or giveaway and also will be having a contest or two as I have accumulated a lot products due to the cruise as well as my subscription to Curlbox :-)

So let me tell you beauties about this AMAZING cruise :-)

My friend Daphne was telling me about this cruise that a young lady named Ursula Kelly had put together. Daphne didn't find out about it until late summer 2012 and the cruise was set to sail April 2013 so I was worried I wouldn't make the payments in time however Diane Mason with the cruise planner was amazing in getting us all caught up in time to make the trip.

We sailed out of the Port of Miami with stops in the Florida Keys and Cozumel Mexico. Let me just say that from start to finish this event was planned so well. It was sponsored by Curls, we had discussion panels on products, styling, as well as regular hair maintenance  Additionally, the beautifully talented Felicia Leatherwood did a live big chop and also showed us how to trim our ends. We had an amazing cocktail party and so many giveaways I need another bag just for that.

Here are pictures that I took and I did borrow a few from the Curly Cruise site:-)

 The amazingly talented Ursula Kelly along with the ladies from the Curls NY-based team. They were such sweethears and so informative with the the Curls products and demonstrations

Daphne and me at the Cocktail bar ladies :-)

Celebrity stylist Felicia Leatherwood gave great time on how and went to trim your ends and also how to care for hair that may be weak areas of the scalp

 This is only a small amount of of products that Curls gave away to all the ladies in attendance.

 Supporting Daphne at the vendors fair. The other vendors included Ms. Veola Jolly who had homemade, natural hair and skin products, handcrafted earrings, as well as loc-socs.

Also vending was ladies of Curls as well as the V-Bar Lady who specializes in natural, holistic body and hair products. They are alternatives to the commercialized products sold in stores.

The next few pictures are of the cruise ship, awaiting to embark in Miami,  our stop in Key West, and our day at the beach in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (we ported in Cozumel and ferried over to PDC).

Ladies (and gentlemen too lol) we'd love to have you on the 2014 Curly Cruise as we will once again be embarking from the Port of Miami with stops in Nassau Bahamas, Half Moon Cay , and Grand Turks (Turks & Caicos) March 31st-April 5th.

Fees include the following: Cruise Fare Taxes and Government Fees Ship Gratituities Miami Airport Transfers Convention Admission ( All workshops, events and vendor's fair) 2- Hour Cocktail Party T-Shirt and Bag Welcome to Miami Reception Admission

Prices based on Double Occupancy:
Inside Stateroom: $701.39
Oceanview Stateroom: $771.39
Balcony Stateroom: $891.39

Deposit Schedule: ( Call Diane at 1-888-202-4136 to make deposits)***
1st Deposit: $50 pp by June 3, 2013
2nd Deposit: $150 pp by August 15, 2013
3rd Deposit: $125 pp by October 18, 2013 (please pay this deposit by Cashier's Check or Money Order) 4th and Final Deposit: Remaining Balance - by January 15, 2014.

*** You are encouraged to make deposits in between the official deposit times so that you can complete deposits. ****

You will not be admitted to events or workshops if you do not book through this group!!

Cruise Schedule

 March 31 
Set sail at 4pm
4:30- 6:00 -Welcome and Live Big Chops

April 1 
8am -5pm - Nassau, Bahamas
6pm - 8pm - Cocktail Party

April 2 
7:30 am - 3:30 pm - Half Moon Cay
4pm -6pm - Workshop

April 3
 8:00am - 10:30am - Vendor's Fair
11am - 5pm - Grand Turk (Turks and Caicos)

April 4 - Sea Day
9am - 9:50am - Workshop
10am - 10:50am - Workshop
11am - 11:50am - Workshop
12 - 1pm - Break for Lunch
1pm - 3pm - Workshop
3:10 pm - 4:30 - Workshop
7pm - 8pm - Hair Show

Be sure to call Diane Mason at the Cruise Planner at 1-888-202-4136 to book now!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

TWA Love!

Hey naturalistas!

So I've posted about how after 3 years of my natural journey I did a 2nd big chop and I love it!

So often I see blogs and videos celebrating those who have the big Afros, long curly tresses, and massive kinky do's....well I want to show love to the TWA's out there :-)

We rock our fades, baldies, and teeny weeny afros fiercely and proudly!

Please submit the following information to to be featured in a special TWA Only blogpost:
1. Name
2. How long you've been natural
3. Is this tour first BC
4. Picture of your gorgeous TWA

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

BGBH Is Going Cruising!

So I've taken a hiatus from blogging but I'm back now and what better way then to kick it off BIG!

BGBH will be cruising on the Curly Cruise! It's April 25-29, 2013 and leaving out of the Port of Miami with stops in Key West and Cozumel, Mexico.

Won't you join me on my first ever cruise? I'd love for you to join me so we can all fellowship and network and just have some good old fun. Use the following links to learn more about it and if you decide to book let them know bigGirlbigHair sent you :-) No, I get no compensation, the cruise founder wants to track all the blogs promoting.

Ask for Diane :-) The Curly Cruise

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Big Chop #2

So I did it!! I did my second big chop on Monday (March 19th). I absolutely love it. I decided upon faded sides and back with a little more volume up top. My next plan is to get it colored. I plan to head to RevolutionEgo and have the talented Jessica add a warm red all over.

Here are a couple pics, I will taking more soon and will post :-)

I've always had a 3c/4a curl pattern but I swear with this second chop it's all 3c. My faded parts even want to curl up lol so it's gonna take a while to train it to lay down.

My morning routine is so much quicker now. I simply cowash, apply leave-in, apply Eco Styler gel (Argon oil), and apply some EVOO to seal and keep the hair soft.

I LOVE it!!

Thank you all for your input on which cut to get :-)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BGBH Presents: BC Poll

Ladies, ladies, ladies (and any male followers ;-] )!!! How have ya'll been? I keep trying to be more consistent with my blogging but that isn't going so well lol

Let's get right to it..

May will be 3 years I've been natural! Where has the time gone? In the 3 years since my crossing over to the natural hair life, I've tried almost every style imaginable; twa, twists, twistouts, kinky twists, cornrows, sew-in, color, blowouts, afros,..everything!!! So what am I gonna do to kick off year 3?


Yep, another BC :-) I'm so excited about it but I need your help! There are three similar yet different styles I'm interested in and I want your help. Tell me which style you like best and I just may choose it VERY soon :-)

The choices are:

1. Short and even all the way around

2. Faded on the sides with short curls up top

3. The Kelis (as I call it lol) with it even almost all the way around but with more curl volume up top

Tell me, which do you prefer?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Protective Style Challenge: Update Pt. 2

So last week I showed my progress in the challenge as we enter into the second month of the challenge, right? Well now I'm showing how three of the other ladies are doing. Landa, Kelli, and Dap :-)

This goes to show that everyone does protective styling different and I love the variety these ladies have shown. It's encouraged me to change it up pretty soon :-)

First up: My big sis Kelli. She recently did a 2nd big chop (which I'm uber jealous of btw lol)and her hair has grown so fast in the following months since. She has been doing two strand twists on her shorter do and they are so plump and healthy <3

Kelli was unsure about the challenge at first but she's stated to me that she's seen growth already since starting the challenge and that it's making a believer out of her.

Next up: Landa! Landa was already in the midst of a protective style challenge which would have ended this month but when she saw my challenge, she decided to continue on. She was also in the midst of moving from one state to another so not having to worry about her hair was even more of an incentive to join the BGBH PSChallenge. She's gone between a sew-in and wigs and she rocks them beautifully!

Roundin' up the crew is Dap!! Dap has been very versatile with this challenge; she started off with kinky twists, then to a hair piece, and now she's got a full sew-in. I'm seriously tempted to steal her hairpiece because it's so natural looking :-)

As I've said on my previous update, it's not too late to join the challenge, we'll be going on thru January 1st and possibly longer. We've had two more ladies join the challenge this week already! Join us on twitter under the hashtag #PSChallenge and feel free to mention me @bigGirlbigHair. Read the original post from September to see the rules, which basically states you can wear your hair out two times a week but the rest of the week it needs to be protected, especially the ends.

Also please check out fellow participant's VetNatural's blog and see her progress throughout the challenge. She is awesome:

LASTLY: My hair twin J has asked that I post length pics of my hair hair before and I was going to but I've decided to wait until the end of the challenge so you can really see the growth. Sorry J! Love you still though lol