Wonder Curl

Wonder Curl- Get Set Hair Jelly

Two of my favorite styles are Wash-N-Gos and Out-styles (flat twists in front with a curly fro in back). I had heard that Kinky Curly does a pretty decent job at defining curls but that the price was too much and it resulted in crunchy, hard curls. So after doing some looking around, I came across Wonder Curl.

Wonder Curl's Get Set Hair Jelly defines the hairs natural curl pattern and leaves the hair super soft without weighing it down and leaving crunchiness or flakes. Scarlett is the creator of WC and I've gotten to know her more and more and she's very passionate about her line. She's supported me in a local natural hair meetup I planned by supplying samples of her Hair Jelly and Get Slick Hair Smoothie, so when she started her affiliate program to boost her sales, I was more than willing to help.

Here are some pics of my own personal use of the Hair Jelly while doing a puff in the first pic and a curl fro-hawk in the following two:

To purchase your own Get Set Hair Jelly, use THIS special link for your 8oz jar for only $15.