Thursday, June 17, 2010

Product Review- Mixed Chicks

I wanted to give a product review of the Mixed Chicks line, specifically the shampoo, deep conditioner, and leave-in conditioner.

As I stated in a previous blog post, I only shampoo my hair a few times a year because I don't use a lot of heavy products so I rarely have buildup but it just so happened that I had been wearing twist for almost a week and after wearing my twist out for a couple days I wanted to go back to my wash-n-go puff, so I took this as a perfect time to use these three.

Mixed Chicks-Shampoo I usually wash my hair loose but I've notice that my hair has gotten thicker over the last few weeks so I decided to wash it in sections. I finger parted my hair into four even sections and secured each one. (While in the shower) I wet my hair and went one by one through the four sections shampooing and detangling them with my fingers. I usually hate shampoos because they are very drying and tend to make my hair feel rough and wiry (is that a word? lol) but I can honestly say that the MC shampoo didn't have that same affect as much. It did cause my hair to feel a little dry but very small in comparison to others I've used.
Grade? B

Mixed Chicks- Deep Conditioner After washing the shampoo out of each section and then rebanding the section, I applied the deep conditioner to each section. At this time I used my wide tooth comb on each part to evenly distribute the conditioner. My hair is a mix of majority 3c with a few pieces of 4a and wow, my curls and coils popped immediately. The pattern was so defined it was ridiculous. I put on a shower cap and sat under my bonnet dryer for about 30mins on low. I'm not one for heat (directly or indirectly) but the one time I do use it is for deep conditioning treatments.
Grade? A

Mixed Chicks- LeaveIn The issue I usually have with leave-ins are that they are either too runny/watery based or too creamy and thick. The MC leave-in was the perfect medium. It wasn't too runny or too thick but just right. It had great movement and a pleasant smell. It left my hair so soft. I put some two strand twists in and let it dry over night and it left it with a great look.
Grade? A

Overall Grade? A-


Stephanie D said...

Conditioners that are runny usually have less chemicals than their thicker cousins. Creaminess is not necessary to achieve the desired results. I personally prefer runny, its messy, but since Im completely natural,I don't put ANY chemicals on my hair at all! The creaminess is great but Im trying to get us to move away from the creamy crack mentality. (Creaminess is never good for you, from relaxers to conditioner to creamy alfredo sauce!!! lol)

beautifulms said...

I love Mixed Chick but not the price tag!