Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Make-up Tutorial by Daphne

My beautiful boo thang, Daphne, is my go-to person for makeup. I'm not a makeup person; the most I wear is some concealer for a few blemishes. If the occasion fits, I might even do some mascara and eye shadow. But a full fledged face beat? Not my thing.

So when I decided that I wanted to do a makeup post, I knew I had to let Daphne step in on this one. I asked her for steps on eye makeup application and also on a full face of makeup.

Eye Makeup Application: Always start with a freshly cleansed face!
1. Shape/Clean up eyebrows
2. Apply eye shadow primer
3. Apply base
4. Eye shadow of choice
5. Eyeliner 
7. Lashes (optional)

Full Face Application:
1. Apply lip moisturizer
2. Use primer or moisturizer as a base to make a barrier between your skin and the makeup
3. Apply corrector/concealer
4. Apply foundation or bb cream of choice
5. Contour and highlight under the eye with setting powder (optional)
6. Apply bronzer and blush
7. Set face with setting spray or powder
8.Apply lip liner (optional)
9. Apply lipstick or lip gloss of choice

Two YouTube vloggers she recommends for makeup tutorials:

Thanks Daphne!

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