Saturday, July 12, 2014

I'm alive...I swear lol

I really hope everyone has been doing well. I know it's been just about a year since my last post. I loved posting but as crazy as it sounds, I got burned out. The last year for me has been crazy; I accepted a great job in my field and moved to Florida. Additionally, I've finished my Masters degree so actually have spare time in the evening and on the weekends (at least until college football season starts lol). I felt that it was naturally time to start blogging again.

Previously I think trying to blog a couple times a week was too much. My plan is to at least get one new post up a week. My posts will focus on (of course) natural hair but I will also be incorporating more health/beauty topics and maybe even bring in guest bloggers. I already have a few in mind I'd like to do.

So to start things off, I wanted to talk about two things today: protective styling and facial cleansers.

I did my third big chop back in October. I literally do one every other year. My hair grows crazy fast and super thick. I've done every style imaginable so after a while, I just love to chop it all off and start over. After almost 8 months of growth, I decided to get some kinky twists installed. It was tricky finding something to do it here in Tallahassee as there isn't a real big natural hair community. I had a younger girl install some rope twits a couple months ago but literally the same day they started falling out. I was super upset not so much about the money spent on it, but the time. That was 6 hours of wasted time that I could have been doing something else.

Well after looking around, I found a stylist on and I love her. She's very Afrocentric so we were able to talk about so many things that we had in common. Also, she was saying that she was installing the twists with a twisted root instead of the usually braided root that you usually see in kinky twists. I never knew that could be done but wow they turned out great! I've been using Soultanicals Platinum Scalp Oil ($8). It works really well and smells nice, not too strong


 Now on the subject of facial cleansers. First let me say that I have combination skin but mainly oily and as a result, my skin seems to prone to breakouts. I have to wear sunscreen all year round just to protect it as much as possible. As I'm getting older I'm noticing more breakouts and I realized that I don't clean and tone my skin as I should.

I LOVE the Cream & Coco line. The creator and owner is a chemist and knows what she's doing. When I saw that she made skin products, I had to try them out. They're as natural as I've ever seen and I love that. So I've been using the Pink Grapefruit & Rosemary Botanical Cleansing Oil ($8.50) that draws the oil out of my skin while allowing moisture to stay in my skin. I follow up with Honey Butter Toning Moisturizer ($10.50) to help tone and gently close the pores. I use this combo in the morning when I first wake up and before bed at night and so far I've already seen a change in my skin (for the better) in just a few short days. I'm excited to track the progress.


I look forward to my next post. Please feel free to send ideas of posts you'd like to see. I think I may do a giveaway soon!


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