Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BGBH Presents: BC Poll

Ladies, ladies, ladies (and any male followers ;-] )!!! How have ya'll been? I keep trying to be more consistent with my blogging but that isn't going so well lol

Let's get right to it..

May will be 3 years I've been natural! Where has the time gone? In the 3 years since my crossing over to the natural hair life, I've tried almost every style imaginable; twa, twists, twistouts, kinky twists, cornrows, sew-in, color, blowouts, afros,..everything!!! So what am I gonna do to kick off year 3?


Yep, another BC :-) I'm so excited about it but I need your help! There are three similar yet different styles I'm interested in and I want your help. Tell me which style you like best and I just may choose it VERY soon :-)

The choices are:

1. Short and even all the way around

2. Faded on the sides with short curls up top

3. The Kelis (as I call it lol) with it even almost all the way around but with more curl volume up top

Tell me, which do you prefer?


Vetsnatural said...

I like the Kelis and I have been natural for 3 years and definitely contemplating doing another big chop myself. I definitely would go with the natural hairlines and I like a bit of volume on top for different textured looks, from coils, twist outs, to little bantu's. Good luck with making your decision and don't forget to post the pics.

Anonymous said...

I say do number two. It always looks stylish cute. Then if you get tired of it you can cut it down to 1 .

natural nikki said...

So the Kalis. My hair is in a shape like that and it does add a little texture to the twistouts! Good luck!

Jenell : BlakIzBeautyful said...

I cannot support this! LOL
Why are you big chopping again?