Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Protective Style Challenge: Update Pt. 2

So last week I showed my progress in the challenge as we enter into the second month of the challenge, right? Well now I'm showing how three of the other ladies are doing. Landa, Kelli, and Dap :-)

This goes to show that everyone does protective styling different and I love the variety these ladies have shown. It's encouraged me to change it up pretty soon :-)

First up: My big sis Kelli. She recently did a 2nd big chop (which I'm uber jealous of btw lol)and her hair has grown so fast in the following months since. She has been doing two strand twists on her shorter do and they are so plump and healthy <3

Kelli was unsure about the challenge at first but she's stated to me that she's seen growth already since starting the challenge and that it's making a believer out of her.

Next up: Landa! Landa was already in the midst of a protective style challenge which would have ended this month but when she saw my challenge, she decided to continue on. She was also in the midst of moving from one state to another so not having to worry about her hair was even more of an incentive to join the BGBH PSChallenge. She's gone between a sew-in and wigs and she rocks them beautifully!

Roundin' up the crew is Dap!! Dap has been very versatile with this challenge; she started off with kinky twists, then to a hair piece, and now she's got a full sew-in. I'm seriously tempted to steal her hairpiece because it's so natural looking :-)

As I've said on my previous update, it's not too late to join the challenge, we'll be going on thru January 1st and possibly longer. We've had two more ladies join the challenge this week already! Join us on twitter under the hashtag #PSChallenge and feel free to mention me @bigGirlbigHair. Read the original post from September to see the rules, which basically states you can wear your hair out two times a week but the rest of the week it needs to be protected, especially the ends.

Also please check out fellow participant's VetNatural's blog and see her progress throughout the challenge. She is awesome:

LASTLY: My hair twin J has asked that I post length pics of my hair hair before and I was going to but I've decided to wait until the end of the challenge so you can really see the growth. Sorry J! Love you still though lol


Vetsnatural said...

Thanks for the shout out and you are doing a fantastic job. I am enjoying my protective style challenge and got a nice new trim last week and ready to venture forward! Looking for Healthy, growth and Retention. Have a great day!

Nichque said...

Protective Styling can definitely get tiring but I did it for a good three months straight and the results are worth it twist, wig, weave or braid LOL ..