Friday, October 28, 2011

Protective Style Challenge: Update!!

Alright ladies, we are close to the 1mth mark of the BGBH 3mth PSChallenge! It has been great seeing the support for one another. I really encourage you to participate thru twitter via the #PSChallenge hashtag. One of the participants had a rough day and it was so great to hear how one of the other ladies helped her get thru it. When you are so use to manipulating your hair, it can really be nerve racking and almost uncomfortable not being able to see it and really play with it like you're use to. However that's the purpose of this challenge; by lessening your manipulation and hand-in-hair contact, it enables your hair to stay clean and not break off as much. Plus with the winter temps quickly approaching, you're going to want to keep your ends covered.

As I'm typing this, I'm sitting under a bonnet dryer on low heat to dry my freshly washed kinky twists. I've had them in right at a month as of today and I have really loved it. I've been making sure to do styles that aren't pulling the twists, especially at the edges and always making sure they aren't getting knotted up or loc'ing at the roots. My hair is very curly and coily and easily locs up, especially all around the edges of my hair so I've been doing mostly styles where my hair is pinned up and back, instead of in tight pony tails. I wore a ponytail for the first time this week and used the leg of a pantyhose so it's not as damaging to the hair while rubbing against it.

Here are pictures of a ponytail with a pompadour, side pin-up, and pin-up bun:


They are are in really great shape, I've been making sure anytime I'm in the house, they are covered with my satin bonnet. The only products I use are water to mist them and then some olive oil mousse to enhance their natural curl. For my edges, I use a little aloe vera gel as it is non-drying (for ME). My plan is to keep them in until I get back from the Bahamas in December from my birthday weekend getaway. If they are still looking good, then I'm gonna try to keep them in until the challenge is over January 1st, otherwise I'll take them out and get my hair twisted or braided up with the ends tucked away :-)

By this time next week I will have an update with pics of the other participants and their protective styles!

PS It's not too late to join! Just drop a comment or hit me up on twitter @bigGirlbigHair and use #PSChallenge to interact with everyone :-)


JenellyBean said...


Wheres your starting length check pic?

JenellyBean said...


Vetsnatural said...

Your kinky twists are in great shape and lovely. I have been doing protective styling since sometime and August and have jumped on to your challenge as well. Please see my blog for some of my styling

nicole said...

lol J, I'm gonna post them either tonight or tomorrow :-)

V, thank you! I'm headed to your blog now :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm from the Bahamas!!! Have a great time while you're there!! A must try: conch salad and a miami vice daiquiri!