Sunday, January 23, 2011

Etsy Shop Now Open!!

One of my goals coming into 2011 was to showcase my talents more. I began making hair clips and earrings and find it so relaxing and rewarding when I see the finished product. I was asked repeatedly if I was going to open up shop and sell them but I didn't want to until I built up my inventory more. Well the time has come! If you look over to the right, that is a small sample of my inventory.

bigGirlbigHair presents Arym's Creations. It will feature homemade and handmade fashion and hair accessories to include assorted hair clips and earrings. I will take custom orders. We can discuss what you are wanting before setting a price.

I will have an Arym's Preferred mailing list that will allow those subscribed to it to find out about sales and specials before it's announced publicly. Please send an email with your Name, Email address, and Birthday to

Currently, if you use the code Twitter during checkout, you'll receive 15% off!


~L said...

Congrats on your store!!

Kiianah said...

Congrats and very nice! Love your blog!

Ritagirl said...

I plan on ordering 2 flower clips.... I just lost my red flower!

nicole said...

Rita, please do! :-)

daphne said...

I love her pieces! Especially the custome made ones! You give Nicole a idea & she creates!