Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Natural Hair Goals

As I sit here and type this I am working on my top goal for my hair for 2011; no heat! I never use direct heat but I do sit under a hard bonnet dryer when I do my deep conditioning treatments. A few days ago I was chillin with my best friend and my goddaughter and my bestie was walking around with this foil on her head shaped like a bowl and I asked her what it was and she was saying she was DC'ing with the ORS Replinishing Pack and that the foil kept her body's natural heat in better than just a shower cap. Makes sense right? Well why was I shocked about it lol. After taking off the foil, I touched her hair and it was so incredibly warm. It felt as if she had sat under a dryer. Welp! That did it for me. In 2011 as I near my 2nd hairversary I'm challenging myself not to use any heat!

So here's my complete list of 2011 Natural Hair Goals:
1. No Heat (explained above)
2. More Water (Body loves it, hair can't get enough of it)
3. Pescetarian Diet (Vegetarian + Seafood/// A cleaner, more natural eating lifestyle)
4. More Protective Styles (Less manipulation plus i have Hand-In-Hair syndrome lol)

I want to hear yours. Please leave a comment with at least three goal for your natural hair in 2011!

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Adrienne Michelle said...

Well I'm transitioning *completely terrified of the BC* and I just made it one year natural yay! The two textures are killing me but I'm loving my kinky curly moptop so far. Let's see my goals, first I wanna find a list of staple products that work for me. Ive been trying a lot of different things on 2010 so I think I may have a better idea of what my hair likes. Next I'm trying no heat. Thanks for the foil tip! I haven't had. Any heat on my hair in about 4 months so I wanna keep going with that. Last but not least I want to do my BC in May. Wish me luck ;D

JenellyBean said...

Wow! @ foil! Interesting....

A little bit of heat wont kill you though.

My goals:
*I want the front of my hair to reach my chin or longer (right now it reaches the middle of my nose)

* I want to be able to put all my hair into a ponytail without any hair coming loose. (right now I can get all my hair into a high pony tail if I use all my strength, but the sides and front come loose quick!) LOL

*I want to stay just as motivated as I am about my hair!

Kira Rana said...
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Kira Rana said...

Your goals are great. Good luck with them. My only hair goals is to just drink lots of water,wear my protective styles and moisturize. Nothing to big.