Saturday, August 28, 2010

i LOVE target & helping others!

This just happened, not even 25 prior to this post. Last night I applied the last little bit of KC Knot Today and some oil and then banded my hair. I woke up to tangle free, soft, and shiny hair. I knew today I was going to need to touch up my hair color so I figured while I'm out to find some more KT. Now note, the KT I had was only 1/3 full when I got it during a product swap and so with my thick hair, I only got two uses out of it but my hair immediately loved it.

Back to the story, so I give a shout out on twitter about where can I find it and the lovely natural hair ladies informed me that Target has it. So at the point I'm stoked! I go to my local Target and I'm looking and looking and KC products :( I'm on the end caps where the other natural hair items are, I'm going aisle by aisle, shelf by shelf to find it, but nothing. So I'm about ready to give up but I happen to hear someone say Come Clean *ears perk up* I peak out the end of the aisle and this older lady rocking a puff is talking to the girl over the the electronics counter and I see on it, some Come Clean and Curly Custard!! So I go over just jump in and ask where are the items because I was looking for some KT. The associate tells me and a few other ladies that they just got the shipment in but hadn't put it out yet because they didn't know where they had room for but that her boss said if anyone were to ask for it, they could just sell it straight out the box!!! *Riley Freeman celebratory booty dance*

This other lady and her 2yr old little girl were listening in must have asked the older lady rocking a puff something but the older lady didn't know it so she asked me if I could help the lady and her daughter. Her daughter has a hair full of thick, curly natural hair that was matted in the back a little. Her mom explains that she tried some product to detangle her daughters hair but it just make it sticky and thus the resulting mats. She also tells me that she was 7 months natural but didn't have the support or know of any products so she went back to the re.laxer but she wants to keep her daughters hair natural. I walk her over to the Shea Moisture line and explained that the Curl Enhancing Smoothie works great as a detangling leave-in (as well as Knot Today)that will help her little girls curls pop and retain moisture. I swear y'all, she almost cried right there in the store. She told me that now that she can find more products, she's gonna try to go natural again :))) So she leaves and I'm feeling very accomplished. Then the older lady started asking me about my hair, how long have I been natural, what products do I use, and if I liked the Curly Custard. I told her that I hadn't tried it, I just don't like the price and that Wonder Curl Hair Jelly works amazing for me. Her hair was full in the back but her edges were gone due to bad, too tight weaves :( I explained she's gonna have to lay off on the weaves, puffs, and braids and baby her edges with some wash-n-go's or even wigs until they've grown back. When I say she has no edges, y'all she has none!She thanked me for my help. I informed both ladies about YT and twitter. It was until I was in my car that I had wished I had given them by email in case they needed any more help or had questions but nonetheless I'm feeling great and I absolutely love that as a natural, we have our own little social circle of help.

Great day indeed!


TheSistahChick said...

Thats very cool sis! I also enjoy that "connection" that we naturals all seem to have with one another. Each one Teach one!! Keep spreading the word! We Are BeeaUtiful just the way God made us!


zainab1 said...

Great story , it feels good to help others ! my hats off to you for your patience and knowledge to help fellow naturals!

Thanks for sharing this great story. Take care.