Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BGBH Feature: Tawana

I have been wanting to branch out and do contests and features. Well I did a contest with the last post so I'm excited that I can now do a feature.

Tawana is a young lady I met via twitter #naturalhair. She had a contest giving away a beautiful snake bangle bracelet and I won and just absolutely loved it. I always love to give back and support independent businesses so we were talking on twitter one day and I asked about a certain themed earring and she actually custom made these amazing Rasta themed earrings and we've just kept in touch with one another since.

A little about her: she's from VA and a recent college graduate (c/o 09) with a degree in Business Management and currently pursuing an Associates degree in Digital Graphics. Tawanna "...wants to be as successful as I can in all aspects of my life."

So I present to you....Tawana

How long have you been natural? Come Sept I will have been 3 years natural.

What prompted you to go natural? Back in 2005-2006 I went away to Maryland for college. Well normally my bestie Porsha would do my relaxers. I attempted to do them myself never getting my hair completely straight. So I cut my hair off then didn't like it and put braids in it. Then I came home and had her relax it. But in 2007 I finally decided that relaxers didn't work for me and I wanted to be free of the 6week rule and all this maintaining that I could not do by myself. My college roommate at the time cut my hair for me and I haven't looked back since.

What's your favorite/go-to style? Braid outs or twist outs with a side part

What are your staple products? Coconut oil, water, olive oil, and castile soap

Best piece of advice for those going natural? I would say stick it out and don't pay attention to the nay sayers IT'S YOUR HAIR RIGHT lol and youtube is your best friend.

Your jewelry/accessories, you make these yourself? Well I have 2 shops basically Forever Fabulous Boutique is more glam and jeweled items that I do not myself make. I am a retailer of those items. At Suga High Shop I do make the majority of those items such as the flower accessories and earrings.

Where can people purchase items from you?
They can find both shops at sugahighdepot.com


Tarin said...

great feature story. i love her accessories! I will be adding your blog to my linkroll on www.naturallymemedia.com

nicole said...

Tarin, thank you for the comment. I love her accessories as well. Thanks for adding my blog to your linkroll, I really appreciate it!